School Council


Meet Our School Council


Mrs Tickle

Year One/Year Two - Archie Whitfield and Isla Knox

Year Three/Year Four - Luke Entwistle and Libby Gallagher

Year Four/Year Five - Sara Crook and Alfie Webster

Year Five/Year Six - Joseph Unsworth and Jessica Thurogood



Our school council acts as a voice for all children in the school. We aim to improve our school by sharing ideas and raising issues to reach a democratic solution. We aim to contribute to decisions within the school for the benefit of all pupils and staff. 



We are working towards becoming an 'Emotionally Friendly School'. We discussed ways in which we can help others and ourselves to be more mentally healthy.


ask for help             play with/talk to a friend             be thankful             think happy thoughts             smile

             exercise regularly             talk about our feelings             put down devices and take note             

learn new things             eat healthily             have enough sleep



We have recently carried out a school meals survey. We found that:

26 pupils in Key Stage Two never have a school meal due to

  • cost
  • they dont like the menu
  • they dont like the taste
  • the portions are too small.

In addition, the children said:

  • there wasn't enough to drink
  • they wanted more burgers/chicken nuggets
  • they really enjoyed the incentive days.


The findings were fed back to the school kitchen and it was agreed:

  • The incentive days (sticker days) will continue every Friday
  • Themed days will be introduced
  • An up to date menu will be displayed in each classroom
  • A menu will be sent home so we can choose our meals at home
  • Children will be able to ask for more drinks when they want them. 




Last year, we carried out a Pupil Voice Questionnaire.


Our strengths:

95% of children feel safe all or most of the time

92% of children are happy in school all or most of the time

93% of children behave well all or most of the time

93% of children feel teachers listen to their ideas


What we would like to improve:

78% of children feel teachers allow them to do things on their own