School Council

Meet Our School Council

Mrs Tickle

Year One/Year Two - Spencer Parkinson and Evie Hall

Year Three/Year Four - Payton Sidlow and James Entwistle

Year Four/Year Five - Gabi Gondko and Eve Fairhurst

Year Five/Year Six - Evie Hunter, Ryan Hall and Felix Drury



Our school council acts as a voice for all children in the school. We aim to improve our school by sharing ideas and raising issues to reach a democratic solution. We aim to contribute to decisions within the school for the benefit of all pupils and staff. 



We have recently carried out a school meals survey. We found that:

26 pupils in Key Stage Two never have a school meal due to

  • cost
  • they dont like the menu
  • they dont like the taste
  • the portions are too small.

In addition, the children said:

  • there wasn't enough to drink
  • they wanted more burgers/chicken nuggets
  • they really enjoyed the incentive days.


The findings were fed back to the school kitchen and it was agreed:

  • The incentive days (sticker days) will continue every Friday
  • Themed days will be introduced, starting with a Bonfire Night special (burgers and hotdogs)
  • An up to date menu will be displayed in each classroom
  • A menu will be sent home so we can choose our meals at home
  • Children will be able to ask for more drinks when they want them. 




Last year, we carried out a Pupil Voice Questionnaire.


Our strengths:

95% of children feel safe all or most of the time

92% of children are happy in school all or most of the time

93% of children behave well all or most of the time

93% of children feel teachers listen to their ideas


What we would like to improve:

78% of children feel teachers allow them to do things on their own